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"One of the brightest lights in the new generation of American solo harpists."
   – Susann McDonald, Co-Founder, World Harp Congress


"Kirsten Agresta is not only one of the greatest virtuoso harpists in the world,
 but also one of the most versatile performers of this complex musical instrument..."
   – El Comercio, Lima, Peru


  "She elicits the audience's attention with her romantic and exciting approach..."
   – The Detroit Free Press


"...Agresta meets all of the challenges; the angelic ones to the more earthy,
    scintillating ones."
   – The Herald Times, Bloomington, Indiana


"Kirsten is a fantastic musician. Extremely versatile, with a very open mind, I've had the privilege to work with her on stage (Jay-Z) as well as in the studio (Erykah Badu). She's an absolute pleasure to work with!"

- James Poyser, The Roots (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

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